Consumer Health

Consumer Health

In the Consumer Health area, the company has developed a number of optimum solutions for the little challenges our body faces every day, from maintaining a balanced gut flora to the need for salt supplements, in addition to a vast range of self-medication and insect bite protection products.

In the ophthalmological area, it provides a complete range of products suited to the needs of adults and children in order to reduce redness, dryness, burning sensation, irritation, lacrimation and tiredness caused by environmental factors and lifestyle.

IBSA’s ENT portfolio consists of efficacious and innovative solutions that favour respiratory wellness and ear health.

A number of studies have demonstrated that therapy with hyaluronic acid is useful in the case of nasosinusitis and allergic and non-allergic rhinitis, as well as being an innovative aid for post-nasal surgery recovery.

The company has developed a complete ear care range, in order to prevent the wax plugs responsible for hearing loss and other bothersome disorders such as irritation, balance problems, itch, ringing and buzzing.

IBSA: Consumer Health